Cudelice Brazelton (b. 1991) is an artist living and working in Columbus Ohio. His work revolves around black male identity and class through painting, sculpture, and video. He has been exhibited in various group shows including VOX X: Present Tense at Vox Populi in Philadelphia, Village of/ for Things at In The Pines in Jackson Wyoming, PRO BIAS: (Probing Bias) at the Bike Room in Chicago, and Impossible Geometries at Field Projects in New York. Selected solo exhibitions include Bad Boi Blues at Neon Heater in Findlay, Ohio, and an upcoming solo exhibition with D’agostino & Fiore in New York. He was a resident at ACRE Residency in 2014 and Ox­Bow School of Art & Artists’ Residency in 2015. Brazelton is a co­founder of MINT Collective and represented by D’agostino & Fiore.

Cameron Granger is an award winning filmmaker currently based in Columbus, OH, studying at the Columbus College of Art & Design for his BFA. Through a combination of narrative and documentary techniques and intimate, emotional vulnerability, his work acts as an exploration of human relationships, romantic and beyond.

Ryn Osbourne is a reactionary, place-based, social engagement maker.  Her work is informed by her surroundings, employing a critical sociological lens on her social-spatial experiences and the experiences of others. Ryn uses the visual to express ideas derived from sociological research, a means of making and communicating that came about from finding a need to research and present social inquiry in a more accessible and engaging way.

In Ryn’s first social engagement project, “9 Minutes,” she distributed disposable cameras to a local “tent city” homeless community asking the members for “their perspective.” This project resulted in a dialogue, gathering information as to why members of “tent city” deliberately formed a tent community and opposed the use of shelter space. Ryn also photographed the area surrounding “tent city” and showed both series of images together, calling into question the insider/outsider perspective and divide.

Ryn has also conducted ethnographic and photographic research in Detroit, Michigan, photographing specific social-spatial symbols representative of community engagement and the activation of space within the neighborhood.  This research suggests that community members are motivated to develop their neighborhoods; however many lack the resources to do so.  This research also had a visual component, suggesting that the ascetics and symbolism contained in a place affect residents’ feeling of connection to a place.  Thus, if residents have the ability to access creative development activities where they are directly involved as designers, makers and project facilitators, (as opposed to an outsider facilitating and making a neighborhood arts project) they may feel a greater sense of community and place leading to stronger, healthier and more engaged neighborhoods.

Ryn’s current work, making photographs and cyanotype prints from found objects, is a self-designed research process removed from an institutional setting.  The work is heavily informed by Ryn’s past research as well from Jane Bennett’s work, “Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things.” Ryn researches independently, treating the spaces of her experiences as well as her interactions with others as a “studio research” space. Her process of making is also a process of research and inquiry. 

Ethan Schaefer is an artist living and working in Columbus, OH. They are a co-founder of MINT Collective and a BFA Candidate at Ohio State University.

Maritt Vaessin (b. 1989) is an artist based in Columbus, Ohio, whose site-specific installations recontextualize common phenomena to effect shifts in everyday perception. Vaessin is co-founder of MINT Gallery in Columbus, and edits cured, a limited edition publication of arts and ephemera. Her exhibitions include “Amalgamation of Sewn Memories” (2015, MINT, Columbus, Ohio) “Bigger Darby” (Banvard Gallery, Knowlton School, Columbus, OH), “Escape from Nowhere” (2012, ROY G BIV gallery, Columbus, Ohio) and “Sent from a Cloud” at 1906 Gallery, San Antonio Texas. She received an ASLA award for “Bigger Darby”, a landscape planning proposal for the Big Darby Creek Watershed in Ohio. Vaessin received a BLA in Landscape Architecture from the Ohio State University.

Emily Auchincloss is a painter from NYC currently living in Boston, MA. She received her MFA and an MA in Art History from Pratt Institute. She currently teaches after school art programs at the Advent School. Her current project involves carving and painting small slabs of stone clay.

Joshua Hart is a mixed materials sculptor who is working on an ongoing investigation in close looking at meeting points of the human body. He received his MFA from Bard College, and currently teaches at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and at Pratt Institute.

Ash Ferlito lives and works in NYC. She is a graduate of the Tyler School of Art, Yale University and a member of the Skowhegan Class of 2012. In 2015 she completed the DNA Residency in Provincetown, MA. She has also been awarded residencies at the Vermont Studio Center and the Cyprus College of Art. In 2014 she was a teaching artist in residence at UNLV.

Kendall Glover

Travis Iurato

Nicole Langille

Julianne French, Ryan Arakawa, Diana Jeon, Beatriz Fortes, Patrick Byrn, Carrie Scanga, Scott Andresen, Casey Hall, Britta Urness, Laraine Mestman, Barbara Bryn Klare, Lesley Nakonechny, Rae Broyles, Matt Mitchell, Ilse Mittermeier, Dennis McGinnis, Francine Fox, Mark Sisson, Elisa Wiedeman, Marie-Ange Ackad, Sumer Khan,Yasue Maetake, Devin Kelly, Wade Schuster, Monica Figura, Pere Ibanez, Caitlin Campbell, MarissaTirone, Gayle Shepherd, Jeremy Steglitz, Taylor Bystrom, Elizabeth Graehling, Suzanne Justice, Christine Nunnally, SusanSolomon, Gabriel Schmadel, Lindsay Severson, Katelyn Burgess, Andrea Bagdon.

Participating artists:

Veiko Valencia

Judith Baumann is an artist and an adventurer. She holds an MFA in Printmedia from Virginia Commonwealth University and loves all things made with ink and paper. She is a recipient of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship in Printmaking. Her work has been shown nationally and throughout the Pacific Northwest. She has taught printmaking, drawing and painting courses for the past decade at various institutions. Judith is always searching for what comes next. 

Danielle Blevins is an artist and printmaker originally from Louisville, Kentucky. She received her BFA in printmaking and concentration in Book Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland in 2012. In her art practice Blevins works primarily in stone lithography, metal sculpture, textile and works on paper.

Candice Malyn Corgan is a printmaker and artist from the mid-west. She received her BFA at Southeast Missouri State University, where she practiced many forms of art making but specialized in printmaking. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Currently in her work, Candice has been arranging objects to create a narrative that appears innocent, but upon further investigation, connections are made that confront the viewer with the awful truth of humanity. In her practice, process is just as important as the finished product.

Maria Erikson is a Estonian born printer and artist who received her fundamental fine arts education at the College of Printmaking in Stockholm, Sweden. She is a recipient of Ann-Margret Lindell and Getfortsfonden scholarship and has been rewarded with a fellowship by Eric Ericson Foundation. Her work has been exhibited in several galleries in Scandinavia and published in Swedish Fine Art printmaking magazine. She is also involved with ENDEGA (European Network for Development and Education in Printmaking) and has participated in their annual workshops in several countries in Europe. Maria is currently finishing the Master Printer apprentice program at Tamarind Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Alice Gauthier is a french artist-printmaker. Drawing is part of her daily life. She holds a Master degree in Printmaking from the Royal College of Art in London and a Bachelor degree in artist books and bookbinding from l’Ecole superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Strasbourg, France. Drawing is the starting point for all her projects; she avoids settling into habits by experimenting with different ways of drawing, currently and most notably through the process of lithography.

Nora Hammenberg, born in Göteborg, Sweden, is an artist and printmaker. She has studying printmaking and working as an artist in both Sweden and Poland before she moved to Albuquerque New Mexico to participating in Tamarind Institute's Professional Printer Training Program in Lithography. Nora is recipient by Grafik I Väst in Göteborg.

Amanda Mulvey grew up on Long Island, NY and holds a Bachelors in drawing, painting, and printmaking from Towson University in Maryland. Her personal experiences influence the imagery used in her prints; In her lithographic work, she enjoys trying to re-create memories or feelings of the place and time.

Jackie Riccio is a multidisciplinary artist practicing printmaking, sculpture and painting. She received her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore MD in printmaking and ceramics. She has exhibited work in many cities such as Washington DC, Baltimore, and Syracuse. She finds solace in movement and stimulation, often through conversation and mediation. Her work is guided through materiality and the experiential tendency of human existence, often conveyed through print, sculpture, and installation.

UNM Students

Stefan Jennings Batista is a photographic and print media artist currently pursuing an MFA at the University of New Mexico. A South Florida native, he holds a BFA in photography from the Ringling College of Art & Design and misses the beach terribly. He has shown from LA to Belgium and plans on making art forever. 

Katelyn Bladel is a printmaker and photographer currently attending graduate school at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque; where she is pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts in Printmaking. As a place-based artist she revels in the thrill and challenge of finding her subject matter within the environment that surrounds her. While the subject matter of abandoned houses and the surrounding landscape has remained consistent in her work, the conceptual content behind each piece changes and develops based on the specific place she investigates, the experiences she has while there, and historical information she finds through later research. The upper Midwest will always be home, however moving to New Mexico has given her the exhilarating opportunity to study and explore the landscape of the Southwest.

Bradford Thomas Erickson makes things. he is inspired by whimsy, synchronicity, and that little amoeba-looking thing that is sometimes seen in the corner of the eye. Influenced by his environment, he can regularly be muttering "notice what you notice" under his breath. A process-oriented post-medium artist finishing his BFA in studio arts at the University of New Mexico, Bradford finds process affords cathartic release from the otherwise perverse intellectual thoughts that art academia has filled his head with. utilizing acrylic paints, firearms, and beer cans, bradford employs a psuedo-scientific hands-on approach to art making that often disregards convention in favor of a more honest aesthetic. Bradford makes work in order to understand why he makes work.

Dvoie Inez is a creative creature hailing from the semi-sweet deserts of Albuquerque, New Mexico. A recent graduate of the University of New Mexico, she had leveled up in life by obtaining her BFA with a focus on printmaking.

Sam McBride’s artistic practice is centered in painting, its materiality, mechanics, and history, though it often manifests in multiple mediums including printmaking, sculpture, installation, video, and writing. McBride received a BFA from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles and is a current Painting + Drawing MFA candidate at the University of New Mexico.

Cornelia Oliver is a Gulf Coast artist who came to Albuquerque to complete her MFA at the University of New Mexico. The cultural fabric of her childhood in the Deep South and the people, textures, and colors of the places she has visited have had a lasting influence on who she is and the art she creates.Through the use of evocative imagery, Cornelia believes an artist not only tells a story, but allows each person to interpret and find their own truth in a work; believing this to be the moment in which the work has, in fact, become real. Pablo Picasso stated, “Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.” Cornelia's art reflects this same spirit and drive.

Robbie Pino was born in Fullerton, CA and raised by diasporic New Mexicans in Southern California. He spent over 15 years working nationally and internationally as a multimedia artist in a variety of mediums, but predominately object based theatre and spectacle. He moved to New Mexico in 1998 and co-founded a variety of theatre and circus groups based in Santa Fe, NM, including Wise Fool New Mexico, El Puente Theatre, One Railroad Circus, Circus Luminous, Circo de Mano, and Takoja Theatre.

Watching, witnessing, and experiencing storytelling as a tool to develop empathy and tolerance has guided his two dimensional work. He explores complex identities, through imagery of isolation, negation, repetition, and outsiderness, in his work. His passion for two dimensional format and Fine Art brought him back to academia, and he will graduate with a BFA in Painting and Printmaking, from UNM, in May 2015.


Joe Wardwell is currently an associate professor of fine arts at Brandeis University. Wardwell was born 1972, in Chapel Hill, NC and lives in Jamaica Plain, MA. He received his MFA from Boston University, Boston, MA and his BFA from the University of Washington, Seattle, WA. He has exhibited at The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum and has work in each collection. He was a 2012 recipient of the Massachusetts Cultural Council Grant. He has held solo exhibitions in New York, Boston, and Seattle. His work is represented by LaMontagne Gallery in Boston, Fred Giampietro Gallery in New Haven, and Heskin Contemporary Gallery in New York City.  He will have solo exhibitions in both New Haven and New York City in 2015.

 Erik den Breejen was born in Berkeley, California in 1976. He is a graduate of Cornell University, where he received his MFA in 2006, and the California College of the Arts, where he received his BFA in 1999. Recent solo exhibitions include Image, Music, Text at the Untitled art fair in Miami Beach (2012) and There’s a Riot Goin’ On at Freight and Volume, NYC (2014). Den Breejen's work is in collections throughout the world, including the Kistefos Collection in Norway. Most recently, he completed a 19 x 23 foot mural of Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun commissioned by the label for their new headquarters in New York City. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Christopher Kane Taylor was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1974, and grew-up in Massachusetts. He received his BFA at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff and had two solo exhibition of his work at the Old Main Museum at NAU. Chris spent a year as an undergrad studying Aboriginal Art and Art Southeast Asia in Australia. He also spent time travelling and painting in Bali, Indonesia. Chris received a MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston. Chris teaching painting at Northern Arizona University as well as is the Program Coordinator for the Rogers Lake Artist Residency and Beasley Gallery Director.  Chris and 2 colleagues just opened an art gallery in Las Vegas called Satellite Contemporary and their first show will be on November 15th, 2014. In 2013 Chris’ work was published in New American Paintings: Edition 108. Most recently Chris was selected by Suzanne McClelland in Residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts.

Maureen Halligan: University of Nevada Las Vegas, 2016

Taking cue from the experience of visual patterning and inconsistencies produced by the eye, this work is drawing the relationship between the physical and relational image produced by my eyes. Coagulated proteins, or “floaters” cast shadows on my vision and have influenced the way in which I am confronted with the limitations of optics and reminds me that seeing is not just relegated to the experience of vision, and ultimately informs my exploration of the language of color and pattern.

Tara Ott: James Madison University, 2016

This photograph was created shortly after I got married. I was trying to discover who I was as an individual now that I was in this union. I combined the bodies of a male and a female, in this case my husband and myself, to create a new being. The end result is a new creation that does not and could not exist in the real world. The new body was lit in a dramatic commercial way to enhance the humanistic look while it was also placed in a domestic setting.

 Phillippe Pirrip:  Central Washington University, 2016

 It all started with a drop of paint on the floor.

How curiously odd, round, gooey, shiny, blobby, rubbery, and familiar that misplaced droplet looked. It sat very determinedly on the ground along with all the other bumps, cracks, and scratches. It took on its own existential desires and figure-ground relations while humoring my eyes with its queer beauty. The droplet already embodied a sense of other-worldliness I tried to reimagine by pushing paint around. The question of what to paint seemed to matter less after that encounter; it was up to me to give the droplet a structure.

Christopher Skees: University of Nevada Las Vegas, 2017

Christopher Skees is a Photography and Art History graduate of Purdue University now pursuing his Master of Fine Arts degree at UNLV. Influenced by being in a popular city, his work shows the anxiety of finding significance. 

Tianxing Wang: California College of the Arts, 2015

 The urban changes removed our memories about home, we all turned to be some fictional characters in our imagination, and the place where we are inhabited does not have character and cultural identity. The place we are always living is between our imagination and reality.

Thomas Wharton: University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 2015

My practice enters and exits space as a surrealist activity. This includes the workspace within computer applications and photography, as well as traditional and non-traditional applications of media. I use simple narrative devices to compress process-based abstractions.

The images I seek, wrought through these processes, feel like acute hiccups, and resonate as so both optically and symbolically. I like to see my work flex and make itself big, but reveal aesthetic truths that are deflated. My aim is for the work to look as though it has learned it’s own lesson. Not unlike an elder’s lamentation professed through quirky proverbs.

Peter Adsett was born in Gisborne, New Zealand, in 1959, Peter Adsett has lived and worked in Australia since 1982, developing his painting practice. He exhibits regularly in both countries, and has had shows overseas in New York and Boston. His academic credentials include an MFA from the Northern Territory University, and a PhD from Australian National University. In 2001 he was awarded a grant from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation and enjoyed residencies in the International Studio and Curatorial Program in New York, and the McDowell Colony in New Hampshire. Adsett’s work is held in institutions and museums in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Adsett has devoted twenty years now to an investigation of abstraction, and like such iconic

figures as Richard Serra and Robert Ryman, he proves the enterprise to be one of great, untapped potential. One could even view Adsett’s art as a critique of abstract painting from the early 20th century to today, a task that became further complicated when he confronted the art of Indigenous Australians - what many believe is the most powerful painting produced today.In 2000 he completed a series of large-scale acrylic paintings in collaboration with the Gija artist, Rusty Peters. The resulting exhibition of fourteen works (seven each), titled Two Laws, One Big Spirit travelled around Australia and New Zealand.

In 2009, Adsett built a house/studio in southern Victoria that was the fruit of another collaboration, this time with a New Zealand architect, Sam Kebbell. The innovative and much admired building (now housing Adsett and his family) is regarded as a “dialogue between painting and architecture. This is the direction currently being explored in the works for the 2014 Melbourne Art Fair.

Whilst he would maintain that his paintings always “take on the wall”, Adsett’s recent work engages with this proposition explicitly. Furthermore, in Room with a View the viewer will discover a degree of wit and humour, latent in much of his earlier work, but now coming to the fore with zest. Represented by PaulNache Gallery, Gisborne, New Zealand

Morgan Blackgoat was born in 1966 in Lupton, Arizona on the Navajo Reservation. In 1999, Morgan joined the Hozhoni Foundation in Flagstaff, Arizona. He was one of its first full time clients to actively participate in the new art program. He quickly developed into one of its most promising artists. Morgan’s use of words combined with self-made diagrams and abstractions of shape give his art a sense of poetic surrealism that sets him apart from other Hozhoni artists. He is also credited with being Hozhoni’s first video artist and continues to excel with his video presentations. In 2008, Morgan was invited to show his movies at the national TASH convention (TASH, originally The Association for the Severely Handicapped, is an international leader in disability advocacy). In 2007, he started showing both his artwork and videos at the University of Northern Arizona where his popularity continues to grow to this time.

Dadang Christanto (b. 1957) is a prominent Indonesian artist, who lives and works in Brisbane, Australia. Dadang begin his art endeavor by studied painting at Pawiyatan Sanggarbambu, in Yogyakarta, during his teen years. He continue his artistic pursue by continued his painting study at Visual Art High School (SMSR) and Indonesia Art Institute (ISI). Even though initially chose painting as a means of medium to create his artworks, Dadang’s complex background—especially as a child of a missing political dissident in the 1960s—, has triggered him to be a critical person, thus bringing him to be an artist always in question in the sincerity of the medium. Dadang’s medium of choices comprised of performance, installation, sculpture, video, painting, works on paper, etc.

Aside from being an artist, Dadang also thrived academically. He was a lecturer at the School of Art and Design, Northern Territory University (1999–2003), completing a residency at the Canberra School of Art before moving to Sydney to lecture at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales (2004). As an established Indonesian artist, Dadang has been participated in numerous exhibitions and solo shows both nationally and internationally. Christanto has exhibited widely at many international biennales and exhibitions including the Biennale of Venice (2003), JogJakarta Biennial and CP Open Biennial, Jakarta, Indonesia (2003), and the First and Third Asia-Pacific Triennials of Contemporary Art, Brisbane (1993, 1999).

When the 53-year-old Indonesian artist Dadang Christanto was eight years old, his father was abducted in the middle of the night by army-sanctioned thugs, never to return. “My father was a communist sympathizer,” the artist explains, “but not a member of the party,” and to this day it remains unclear why the older Christanto was singled out. This wound in the artist’s life has never healed, and it continues to inform every one of his works, from the graphic, stylized paintings of disembodied heads crying tears of blood to reflective site-specific installations and p Christanto’s painting and sculpture is an ongoing meditation on the nature of violent death and suffering which touched him as a child and will never leave him. The peace he has found in his daily working practice allows him to express himself, with piercing clarity, as he continues to confront the unspeakable performances that quietly act as memorials to victims of violence in all its forms. Excerpt taken for an interview from Art AsiaPacific, Nov/Dec 2010. Bio Info taken from Jakarta 3rd Contemporary Ceramics Biennale.

Jeanette Cole teaches painting at the Department of Art at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She has exhibited her work in several solo exhibitions in New York at the John Gibson Gallery and LP projects; and in many group exhibitions in the metropolitan New York area including the Frumkin/Adams Gallery, Ben Shahn Galleries at William Paterson College and the Islip Museum. She has had twenty-five solo exhibitions at colleges and galleries across the country. In 2000, Central Florida University exhibited her Paradise Series, multicomponent mixed media paintings, which exemplified her interest in seemingly incompatible cultural systems. Having grown up in Liberia, West Africa until age 13 when her family moved to the United States, the contrast of experiences has become a central theme in her work. She is a recipient of a Howard Foundation Fellowship and a Virginia Museum Professional Fellowship.  In 2008 she showed 12 paintings in “Couples” at the Islip Museum on Long Island, (reviewed in New York Newsday and New York Times regional edition). Most recently, in 2012 she had a solo show at The Industry, Long Island City, NY an alternate space sponsored by Silver Cups Studios. In 2015 she plans a solo show at Barton Museum in North Carolina.

Alan Crockett lives in Ridgewood (Queens) NY, Happy Camp, CA and Columbus, Ohio. An emeritus associate professor of art at Ohio State University, he graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute (BFA 1973, MFA 1975). Individual artist fellowships awarded are: The Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation Studio Residency, Brooklyn, NY; Ohio Arts Council (OAC) 2002, 1996,1988,1985, 1984; Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) 2004,1990,1986; The Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) Dresden Residency, 2000; National Endowment of the Arts (Painting) 1983; Ford Foundation Grant 1982.

Recent one-person exhibitions include: 2015: New Work, Novella Gallery, NYC, The Space Between, Alan and Clara Crockett, Southern Ohio Museum of Art. 2014: Made in New York Alan and Clara Crockett, Art Access Gallery, Bexely, OH. 2013:Funnies: Alan Crockett Paintings and Drawings, Springfield Museum of Art, Springfield, OH, “New Abstract Work” (4 person show) Art Access Gallery, Bexely, OH. 2012: Clara and Alan Crockett Paintings Drawings and Other Things, Aronoff Art Center, Weston Art Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, Alan Crockett, Paintings and Drawings, Art Access Gallery, Bexley, OH. 2011: Ray’s Living Room Gallery, Columbus, OH. 2010: Alan and Clara Crockett, Open Studio, Columbus, OH, Heights Art, Cleveland, OH, Mark Making (a 35 year retrospective) Urban Arts Space, Columbus, OH, Art Access Gallery, Bexley, OH. 2008: Rosenberg Fine Arts, NYC, (Featured painter for gallery at Palm Beach 3 Art Fair, West Palm Beach, Florida), Art Access Gallery, Bexley, OH. 2006: Art Access Gallery, Bexley, OH, Davis and Cline Gallery, Ashland, OR. 2005: Zaks Gallery, Chicago, 2004, Barth Galleries, Columbus, OH. 2002: Gallerie WIJK, Groningen, Holland. 200l: Zak’s Gallery, Chicago, IL. 2000: Barth Galleries, Columbus OH.

Recent group exhibitions include 2014: Apollonian/Dionysian, the Constraints of Freedom, Painted Bride, Philadelphia, PA; Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation Studio Program Open Studios, Brooklyn, NY; 2012: Little Languages/Coded Pictures, Leslie Heller Workspace, New York, NY; Ten Year Anniversary Exhibition Art Access Gallery, Bexely, OH. 2007-8: Celebration of Creativity/ OAC Fellowships 1980-2006, Weston Art Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, Riffe Center Gallery, Columbus, OH; Mapping the Terrain, New Directions in Abstract Painting, Southeastern Louisiana Contemporary Art Gallery, Hammond, LA. 2005: Rosenberg and Kaufman Fine Arts, NYC, Summer Group show; Gallery Kunsthaus Raskolnikow, “15 Year Anniversary Exhibition”; 2005, Rosenberg and Kaufman Fine Arts, NYC “Paper Panel Canvas”. 2004: Zaks Gallery, Chicago, IL. 2001: Gallerie WIJK, Summer Show, Groningen, and Holland. 2000: Color, Ohio Wesleyan University Gallery, Delaware, OH, Ohio Artists At Roosevelt House, US Ambassador’s Residence, New Delhi, India (1998-2000).

Alan Crockett’s work has been shown throughout the United States and Europe and is in the following public collections: City of San Francisco, Columbus Museum of Art, Hilton Columbus Art Collection at the Downtown Hilton-Columbus Art Hotel. Crockett’s paintings record deliberate acts. Lines dance, pierce, trace and interrupt; color jumps, cascades and jostles; all invite play and exploration.

Hanlyn Davies was born in Gorseinon, Wales. He attended Swansea College of Art and later earned his MFA from the Yale University School of Art.  He lives and works in New Haven, Connecticut.  His paintings, prints and drawings have been widely exhibited, and are included in numerous public and private collections. Recentsolo exhibitions were Lullaby Lament at Seton Gallery, the University of New Haven in 2014, and Shelf Life at Hampden Gallery, University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2013.

Davies has received two Visual Artists Fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, along with other awards from the Massachusetts Arts Foundation, the Offset Institute in Philadelphia, and Yaddo Colony.  In 2000 he was awarded an Honorary Fellowship from the University of Wales Swansea, and in2004 he received a Distinguished Teaching Award from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he taught for thirty six years, and chaired the Department of Art for ten years.

Hanlyn has served as a visiting artist, critic, or guest lecturer at many institutions, among them Carleton College, Northfield, MN; the Glasgow School of Art, UK; Hampshire College, Amherst, MA; the Harvard University Graduate School of Design; The MarylandInstitute College of Art, Balitmore; The University of the Arts in Philadelphia; the M.F.A. Graduate Program at the University of Pennsylvania, and Skidmore College, Saratoga, NY.

Ann Hamilton was born in Lima, Ohio, in 1956, Ann Hamilton received a BFA in textile design from the University of Kansas in 1979 and an MFA in sculpture from the Yale School of Art in 1985. From 1985 to 1991, she taught on the faculty of the University of California at Santa Barbara. Hamilton has served on the faculty of The Ohio State University since 2001, where she is a Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Art.

Among her many honors, Hamilton has been the recipient of the Heinz Award, MacArthur Fellowship, United States Artists Fellowship, NEA Visual Arts Fellowship, Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award, Skowhegan Medal for Sculpture, and the Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship. She represented the United States in the 1991 Sao Paulo Bienal, the 1999 Venice Biennale, and has exhibited extensively around the world. Her major commissions include projects for Waterfront Seattle (upcoming); Park Avenue Armory (2013); The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, St. Louis (2010); The Guggenheim Museum, New York (2009); Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto, Japan (2006); La Maison Rouge Fondation de Antoine Galbert, Paris, France (2005); Historiska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden (2004); MASS MoCA, North Adams, Massachusetts (2003); The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington D.C. (2003, 1991); The Wanas Foundation, Knislinge, Sweden (2002); Akira Ikeda Gallery, Taura, Japan (2001); The Musee d'art Contemporain, Lyon, France (1997); The Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (1996); The Art Institute of Chicago (1995); The Museum of Modern Art, New York (1994); The Tate Gallery, Liverpool (1994); Dia Center for the Arts, New York (1993); The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (1988).

Edward Haswood was born in 1963 in Window Rock, Arizona. He came to the Hozhoni Art program in 2007. His artistic presentations are unique statements of his life both on and off the reservation. His art often makes bizarre statements that blend information of everyday with his own special version of Navajo and Hopi mythology. A typical painting or drawing may approach such topics as domesticated cats, Navajo medicine men and the sun smoking a cigarette. His self-portraits on the other hand tend to be fairly representational statements containing both the beautiful and tragic events of his life experiences.

Jerry Kearns has exhibited internationally across the Americas, Europe, and Asia since the 1980s. He has been featured many times in The New York Times, Art and Auction, ARTnews, and ARTFORUM, among others. His paintings are included in many public and private collections, including the Museum of Modern Art (New York), National Galerie (Berlin), Brooklyn Museum (New York), the Art Institute of Chicago, Whitney Museum of American Art (New York), The Norton Family Collection (Los Angeles), San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and Queensland Art Gallery (Queensland, Australia). Kearns lives and works in New York City.

Suzanne Silver is an assistant professor in the Painting & Drawing program of the Department of Art at The Ohio State University. Silver studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and received an AB from Smith College and an MFA at The Ohio State University. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally, including the Axel Raben Gallery in NYC, Nexus Contemporary Art Center in Atlanta, CJM in San Francisco, Michlelet David Yellin in Jerusalem, the Castle of Otranto in Otranto, Italy, the Weston Art Gallery in Cincinnati, and The Bureau for Open Culture in Columbus. She has received an Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award and grants in mixed media from the Greater Columbus Arts Council and drawing from the Virginia Commission for the Arts. Silver makes drawings, paintings, objects, and installations where unexpected materials are combined to create a visual language that is open to multiple readings.

Sandy Litchfield received her BFA from the University of Colorado in Boulder and her MFA in 2003 from UMass Amherst. Her work has been exhibited in numerous museums including the DeCordova Museum, The Portland Art Museum and The Hunterdon Museum. Litchfield is a recipient of the Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship and the Puffin Foundation Artists Grant Award. In 2007 she attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. She’s had solo exhibitions at Carroll and Sons Gallery in Boston, Metaphor Contemporary Art in Brooklyn as well as several New England Colleges. Her work has been selected for review by The Brooklyn Rail, New American Paintings and The Boston Globe.

Litchfield uses a range of painterly mediums in her work along with collage, digital imagery and installation. Her process involves gathering and piecing together fragments of collected imagery and then layering them in various ways that obscure the distinctions between the mechanical image and the handmade. Her landscapes have evolved to represent a damaged place with fertile remains.

Currently, Sandy lives in Amherst, Massachusetts where she is an Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts. 

Sara Petras received her BA from University of New Hampshire, her Post Baccalaureate certificate from Brandeis University and her MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art.  Her work has been exhibited at BK Projects in Watertown, MA and various group exhibitions throughout New England.  She is the recipient of the 2006 George Nick prize and was awarded a grant to attend the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation artist residency in 2009.

Petras works with thin layers of oil paint on paper and occasionally on canvas.  Although her topics vary from painting to painting, deeper themes run through most of her recent work.  Order and disorder, geometry and fluidity, hypo and hyper arousal, revealing and concealing, are dichotomies she contends with in these works that strive to simultaneously evoke a sense of order and boundless emotion. 

 Color is a concept that deeply interest Petras; she feels that no other language can better express emotion.  Just like a human being is never “pure” or “true” alone, color is every changing, always defined by the environment in which it resides. 

Lauren Whearty currently lives and works in Philadelphia, Pa.  She received her BFA from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, and her MFA from The Ohio State University. While at The Ohio State Lauren was nominated for the Joan Mitchell Grant.  She has received fellowships to attend both the Yale School of Art at Norfolk Summer Residency, and a Vermont Studio Center Residency.  Lauren has lived and worked in Philadelphia, Rome (Italy), and Columbus, Ohio.

Christopher Kane Taylor:

Nicole Langille: Nicole has lived all over the country but is originally from from the east coast. With a BFA in Sculpture and an MFA in Painting, her work has a strange material quality, with an emphasis on texture and line. Her paintings have been featured in shows around the west and mid-west, and she has recieved awards from the Ohio Arts Council and Ohio State. She currently lives and teaches in Flagstaff AZ.

Jared Jelsing is an urban nomad. Traversing overlooked spaces in cities across the country, he favors the neglected, in-between places for his photographs. Using a variety of film cameras to shoot his images, he embraces the accidental and flawed, printing his photos digitally with all of the quality of film. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Jared now lives in San Francisco, CA.

Eleanor Aldrich was born in Springerville, Arizona.  A participant at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine, she also holds an MFA in Painting & Drawing from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where she currently lives. She earned her BFA in Painting & Drawing through the Academie Minerva (Groningen, the Netherlands) and Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff.

Eleanor has had solo shows in Boston, Knoxville, and Flagstaff, AZ.  Her work has been shown at Saltworks Gallery (Atlanta, GA), the Drawing Center (New York, NY), 1708 Gallery (Richmond, VA) and was included in the Audubon Artists National in New York, NY.  She has been awarded an Endowment for the Arts through the Whiteman Foundation, and the Herman E. Spivey Fellowship.  Her work has been included in New American Paintings and on

Judith Baumann: Judith Baumann is an artist, adventurer and an academic. She holds an MFA in Printmedia from Virginia Commonwealth University and loves all things made with ink and paper. She is a recipient of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship in Printmaking and her work has been shown nationally and throughout the Pacific Northwest. She has taught printmaking, drawing and painting courses for the past decade at various institutions. Currently, she lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she is participating in Tamarind Institute's Professional Printer Training Program in Lithography. 

Matthew Best is based in Hartford, CT, receiving his BFA in Painting from the University of Hartford Art School and his MFA in Painting from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  Formerly a Resident Studio at the Arlington Arts Center, he has been in numerous shows on the national and international level. He has been involved in painting for the better part of 15 years. His work is influenced by early and mid-century abstraction.

Best’s recent shows include “the New Aesthetic” at Gallery 19 in Chicago, IL and the group show, “Working it Out” at the Painting Center in New York City. He is currently creating work for a solo exhibition, Limited Means at Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, CT. 

Joomi Chung was born in South Korea in 1975 and partially grew up in Argentina. She obtained B.F.A. degree in Painting (1999); M.F.A. Research Certificate at Hong Ik University in Seoul, South Korea (2000); and M.F.A. at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (2004). Currently she is Associate Professor of Painting and Drawing at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. 

Her work has been exhibited in various national and international venues such as Manifest Creative Research and Drawing Center in Cincinnati, OH; Seoul Art Center Hangaram Museum in Seoul, South Korea; Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO; Herter Gallery at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA; Ohio State University Urban Arts Space; Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, Grand Rapids, MI; Artspace in Raleigh, NC; Institute of Art and Design at the University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic; SÍM Gallery in Reykjavik, Iceland; and the Carnegie Center for Visual and Performing Arts, Covington, KY.

Sean Greene was born in San Francisco in 1972, and raised in Connecticut and Vermont. He moved to New York City in 1992, and received a bachelor of fine arts degree from the School of Visual Arts in 1996. In 1998 Sean moved to Massachusetts to focus on visual art, and earned a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2004, where he was awarded a 3 year teaching associateship. He lives and works in Florence, Massachusetts with middle grade and children's writer Molly B. Burnham, and their two children Adelaide and Georgia.

Sean has been exhibiting frequently in the U.S. in galleries such as the Brian Morris Gallery in New York, and William Baczek Fine Arts and Geoffrey Young Gallery in Massachusetts, the Artisphere in Arlington, Virginia, and New Image Art in West Hollywood, among others. He received grants from the Somerville and Northampton Arts Councils, the Artists Resource Trust and recently has been awarded a Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship. His work is in private collections in the U.S., the U.K., Australia, and France, as well as the corporate collection of Neiman Marcus, and the University Museum of Contemporary Art in Amherst.

Pang-Chieh Hsu is an artist of Taiwanese origin. He was born in 1972 and started his training in art early in Taiwan. Before moving to New York City in 1998.   He finished his Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 2003, and is now an associate professor at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, G.A.

As an Artist, Pang-Chieh Hsu has received numerous awards, including a Joan Mitchell award and a Pollock–Krasner Foundation Grant.  He has also been accepted into the Roswell Artist in Residency Program, received a McDowell Colony Fellowship and was a Fellow at the Camargo Foundation in Cassis, France

Pang-Chieh Hsu’s cultural background has always been an inspiration to his work.  His main interest has been to study how light interacts with various objects.

Sandy Litchfield received her BFA from the University of Colorado in Boulder and her MFA in 2003 from UMass Amherst. Her work has been exhibited in numerous museums including the DeCordova Museum, The Portland Art Museum and The Hunterdon Museum. Litchfield is a recipient of the Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship and the Puffin Foundation Artists Grant Award. In 2007 she attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. She’s had solo exhibitions at Carroll and Sons Gallery in Boston, Metaphor Contemporary Art in Brooklyn as well as several New England Colleges. Her work has been selected for review by The Brooklyn Rail, New American Paintings and The Boston Globe.

Litchfield uses a range of painterly mediums in her work along with collage, digital imagery and installation. Her process involves gathering and piecing together fragments of collected imagery and then layering them in various ways that obscure the distinctions between the mechanical image and the handmade. Her landscapes have evolved to represent a damaged place with fertile remains.

Currently, Sandy lives in Amherst, Massachusetts where she is an Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts. 

Morgan McKeehan

Larissa Mellor received a BFA from Maine College of Art and an MFA from The Ohio State University. Mellor has exhibited work nationally and internationally, including the Center for Maine Contemporary Art, The University of Cincinnati, the Land of Tomorrow in Lexington, KY, Birke Art Gallery, Marshall University in West Virginia, Universität der Künste Berlin and the Moscow Biennial for Young Art, Moscow, Russia. In addition to other awards, Mellor was a 2012 resident at the Stephen Pace House Residency in Stonington, Maine, and 2010 Fulbright Fellow to Germany in Painting and Printmaking.  She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Bridget Mullen holds an MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and a BAE from Drake University. She is currently a second year fellow at The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and in May of 2015 she will begin a year residency at the Artist-In-Residence Program in Roswell, New Mexico. She has received two grants from the Albert K. Murray Fine Arts Fund, and fellowships from the Fine Arts Work Center (2010-2011), the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (2013), and Yaddo (2014). Presently, Bridget’s work can be seen at the Georgia Museum of Art in Athens and at Battery Steele on Peak’s Island, Maine, where she will be part of a collaboration for the annual event, “Sacred and Profane”.   Bridget lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

To see a video interview of the artist describing her process, visit

Bridget O'Brien is an artist who grew up in the Kimberley and the Northern Territory, Australia. She has a Bachelor of Visual Art from Charles Darwin University in 2002 and has exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Seoul, Denpasar and Darwin. In 2004-2005, Bridget was artist in resident at the South Korean National Museum of Contemporary Art's Changdong Studio in Seoul and also worked as an art writer at The Korea Times. She completed a Master of Visual Art in 2009 at the University of Sydney, Sydney College of the Arts. 

Her doctoral research also at the University of Sydney is a practice-based research of art studio and research. The research focus is the art history of rock art of Arnhem Land from the field books and writing of Dr George Chaloupka OAM, FAHA (1932-2011). In “Narratives of Rock Art”, O’Brien’s thesis reviews the implications of the archive as counter narrative and knowledge exchange between the artists, the museum and Arnhem Land. In the translation of histories and places, emphasis then takes on the mechanical meditation of ideas in her studio practice, where the transformation of images and abstract patterns are applied, displaced and meditated on through multiple methods including collage and design of woodcut relief prints, frottage on paper. These are part of a practice spanning experimental wall paintings, drawings, installation and video. She currently lives in Sydney, Australia.

Sara Petras:“THESE paintings are from an ongoing body of work dealing with fantasy, routine, and loneliness. At the time of their creation, I was watching a handful of period films. Initially I was seduced by the glamorous lighting, confectionery colors and lavish costuming. Soon after, I noticed myself becoming envious of the structure these women experienced in their lives full of leisure, assisted dressing, scheduled meals, arranged marriages, and imposed morals. I noticed the divide between my life of self-motivated ritual and theirs of obligatory self ritual."

Nicole Stone: Nicole Stone trained at the Massachusetts College of Art. She exhibits in NYC, across New England and beyond. Her studio is in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Derrick Velasquez was born and raised in Lodi, California – an agricultural staple of Northern California.  He attended The University of California, Santa Barbara where he graduated with a dual degree in Art History and Studio Arts.  In 2008 Derrick received his Master of Fine Arts degree from The Ohio State University in Sculpture and currently works and lives in Denver, Colorado where he is represented by Robischon Gallery as well as Pentimenti Gallery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  His most recent shows have been solo shows at Pentimenti Gallery in Philadelphia, the Volta Art Fair in New York City, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and group shows at the New Mexico Museum of Fine Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Drexel University in Philidelphia. He is a founding member and co-manager at TANK Studios, has held a two year residency at RedLine and is a board member of the Art-Plant Artist Residency.  He currently adjuncts at Metropolitan State University of Denver and The University of Denver.